Personalized taxi aggregator with the Digital Economy
Revolution in taxi! A completely new format.
Presentation of AltoCar ICO
ICO start on October, 10, 2017, 09:00 AM UTC
AltoCar is an existing business, that operates in the city of Kazan, Russia for more than 2 years.

The service serves a large number of customers: banks, retailers, construction companies and state-owned companies, as well as private individuals.

AltoCar is a revolution in the field of taxi services and its uniqueness is in personal drivers for users at an affordable price.

Personalization is achieved due to the fact that each user has the ability to add drivers to the 'Favorites' list. In the future, while ordering a service, the user gets the nearest free driver from his/her list.
This model proved its success, and is completely ready for scaling.

Driver becomes personal not for one client, but for many, that is why prices remain low.

With the help of raised funds on the ICO, we plan to implement the service in 13 million-population cities of Russia in 18 months. It is planned to launch a global franchise.

Igor Sarukhanov in Kazan, testing the service

A popular singer, musician, composer and honored artist of Russia Igor Sarukhanov visited Kazan to test the AltoCar service, get to know the whole team and discuss joint seminars for the stars. Igor visited AltoCar's office in IT Park,
as well as in Inopolis.

For more information on the visit, see the video.
Current indicators AltoCar
Service is an existing business
90 000 +

Completed trips to the service
1 350 000 +

Total length of completed trips (kilometres)
$500 000

Total revenue
10 000 +

Employees and individuals
6000 +

Number of drivers in the service
100 +

Organizations are serviced
Quick call
Quickly call the car with the driver
through the mobile application.
Plan trips
Plan trips, getting the drivers you
are accustomed to.
Driver location
Track the location of the called
driver on the map.
Personal drivers
Add favorite drivers to 'Favorites'. In the future, while ordering a service, the user gets the nearest free driver from his/her list.
Drivers for friends
Share trusted drivers with friends
and family.
Pay for the trip with a bank card,
bonus points or tokens.
We consider blockchain as a promising technology and see in this tool not only the possibility of raising funds for the company, but also the possibility of involving more people in the crypto community.

Therefore, we decided to create and implement our own token, which was called ALTOCAR.

Holders of ALTOCAR tokens will receive monthly free trips, huge discounts on services. Also tokens will create additional motivation for drivers. They will have the opportunity to exchange tokens for the car wash, car inspection and other services.

After the ICO, the tokens could be bought or sold on the DEX and TIDEX stock exchanges. Also, in the future, tokens are planned to be placed on other stock exchanges as well.

Victor Neeshpapa
CVO, Founder
The implementation of tokens into the service economy
What do the service members receive for tokens?
Big discount
Customers will be able to travel for tokens. When traveling for tokens, customers will be able to get a discount for the trip (up to 30%).
Free monthly trips
500 tokens owner gets 10 free trips per month.

750 tokens owner gets 15 free trips per month.

1000 or more tokens owner gets 20 free trips per month.
Tokens for viewing advertising
Customers will be able to view advertising during the trip (optional)
earning additional tokens, which they can then use for travel.
Bonus for drivers
The company will encourage drivers tokens for excellent performance.
Transferring part of the earnings in fiat into tokens
Drivers will be able to save a certain percentage of daily earnings for the
purchase of tokens through the driver application.
Priority for best orders
Drivers who own tokens will receive priorities for best orders.
Gateway tokens - real services and products
Through our gateway, drivers will be able to exchange tokens for petrol,
car wash services, car repairs, tire shops, food and much more.
The franchise can be purchased only for ALTOCAR tokens.
Royalties from the franchise
Royalties from Franchisees will be paid almost instantly.
Scheme of the economy ALTOCAR
Tokens - sale / purchase / calculation of tokens
Bonus tokens - receiving tokens for achieving KPI
Fiat - calculation in fiat
Free trips - for token holders
The economy of the service works together on tokens and a fiat currency
Launch of global blockchain franchise
service AltoCar
After the completion of the ICO, it is planned to launch the franchise of the service and its promotion all around the world. The franchise will be sold to any country, to any city in the world. Packing the franchise will take 2 months after the ICO, in parallel, pre-orders for it will be accepted.

The franchise can be purchased only for ALTOCAR tokens. Payment of royalty franchisees will be made only in ALTOCAR tokens. This will erase the borders between countries - it will not be necessary to conduct procedures with banks, currency transactions, etc. Royalty from the Franchise will be paid instantly.

Franchisees will provide services to customers (transportation), pay drivers on a dual model - in ALTOCAR tokens and in a currency.

Also, customers and service drivers will receive bonuses in ALTOCAR tokens after performing certain actions (reaching KPI, viewing advertising on trips, etc.).
Thanks to all the above, the service will receive explosive growth, the turnover of tokens will grow many times. As a result, a huge community of people using ALTOCAR tokens in everyday life will be formed.
Our goal is to provide everyone a personal driver at the cost of a taxi.
February-March 2018
Developed a plan to enter the market of individuals with a minimum budget.
Entering the market of individuals. Increase of market share B2B..
August - December 2018
After full-fledged entry into the market of individuals, we intend to introduce a loyalty system based on ALTOCAR tokens for customers and drivers. Implementing a loyalty system for a franchise. Listing on the stock exchange Yobit, Bittrex.
Expansion of business - advancement on cities at the expense of own means, sale of the franchise in Russia and on the world. Listing on Binance, Kucoin, HitBTC.
AltoCar company is the resident of the 'IT Park' Technology park, Kazan. The company is the member of the IT-cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. The company has 4 years experience in the development and promotion of taxi aggregators, the total experience in business is 20 years. The team has the experience of successful sales of businesses in IT and finance.
Alexander Bobylev [ Facebook ]
CEO, Founder
10 years in the software and web development businesses. Experience of successful exit from business. Took the following courses: Start In Garage (from the ABRT Foundation (Nikolai Mityushin), a master class from Bob Dorf (Customer Development), the Business Incubator of IT Park, Kazan. Fully developed the first version of Backend of TaxiNado and AltoCar services. Experienced developer of high-load systems. Developed all versions of the AltoCar client application. Has engaged in attracting the first investments into the service.

Has the following competencies: sales, negotiations with investors, marketing, design, organization of the development process, prototyping.
Viktor Neeshpapa [ Facebook ]
СVO, Founder
7 years in the software and web development businesses. Has an experience of successful exit from businesses. Took the following courses: Start In Garage (from the ABRT Foundation (Nikolay Mityushin), a master class from Bob Dorf (Customer Development), the Business Incubator of the IT Park, Kazan.

Has the following competencies: sales, work with clients, prototyping, negotiations with investors.
Alexander Lyashenko
Drivers Manager, Founder
President of the AltoCar drivers' club. 2 years of work in the 'TaxiNado' start-up as a 'Driver's manager' and 'Technical support for drivers'. In the past was engaged in the organization of a biker club in the Far East.

Has the following competencies: Closed club organization, customer support, driver support.
Igor Kalmykov
CTO, Founder, backend-developer
Igor was engaged in the development of large projects for the web and mobile. Has extensive experience in the development of high-loaded systems. The author of many systems and modules in the AltoCar software complex. Experienced in developing backend for 10 years. Experienced in managing the development team for 5 years.
Vladimir Baksheev
Experience in developing mobile applications for 7 years. Was a software developer for Y Combinator startups (
Vasiliy Pereselkov
General partner
The founder of a group of company-partners of taxi-aggregators 'Yulavto' LLC. Has representative offices in 11 cities of Russia, is the 'Gold Partner' of AltoCar, Gett, Uber, Yandex.Taxi
Rustem Yunusov
Community manager (EN)
International communications expert. International Affairs manager at IT Park. Paticipated in launching Open Stack, web and media projects internationally.
Marat Kadyrov
Financial Adviser
More than 20 years of experience on the Russian financial markets. He was engaged in issues of strategic planning, financial management and project management in the electricity, industry and construction (Tatenergo, KZSK, Tatstroy). Carried out financial planning and risk management in banks and financial holdings (EBRD and SME Bank investments). He worked as the head of the project office of Sberbank OJSC of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan. Expert of the RVC on Project Financing of Venture and Social Entrepreneurship. Founder of the Fintechstartup 'Fixer of risks' (
Rustam Davletbaev
The expert economist, a member of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists, the author of the well-known Russian economic experiment in the village of Shaimuratovo (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia) – 'Shaimuratiki commodity coupons', participant of the R&D (NTI) foresight fleet. Member of the working group FinNet R&D ASI. Currently works at Innopolis University.
Dinar Shakirzyanov
A consultant to solve the whole complex of tasks related to the processes of investing in the digital economy, including the preparation and audit expertise of both ICO and traded digital assets. The founder of IT companies, such as,,
AltoCar is supported by famous people
Igor Sarukhanov
The famous singer, musician, composer
We were supported by the famous singer, musician, composer, member of the Writers' Union of Russia, a member of the Union of Russian Composers, as well as a blockchain enthusiast, honored artist of Russia

Igor became a member of our crowdsdale and a representative of the project AltoCar ICO!

Video about visiting Kazan for the purpose of negotiations.
Project events
October, 31, 2017
Together with Igor Sarukhanov, a seminar was held for music and film stars. Present: Aya (Gorod 312 musical group), Cyril Andreev (Ivanushki international musical group), Mikhail Gorevoy (actor), Anatoly Zhuravlev (actor), representatives of business and media.
October, 19, 2017
Igor Sarukhanov arrived in Kazan to get acquainted with the whole AltoCar team. Igor Armenovich tested the service, visited the office of AltoCar, in IT Park, and in Innopolis.

Video about visiting Kazan for the purpose of negotiations.
October, 15, 2017
Igor Sarukhanov became a member of our crowdsdale and a representative of the project ALTOCAR ICO! The day before, after a joint meeting, we were supported by the famous singer, musician, composer, member of the Writers' Union of Russia, a member of the Union of Russian Composers, as well as a block-chain enthusiast, honored artist of Russia, Igor Sarukhanov.
September, 19, 2017
Today we have a guest in IT-Park Google! Business Promotion Conference. It's cool!
September, 13, 2017
Took part in the Russian-Chinese Congress of Young Entrepreneurs, discussed the possible options for cooperation and market entry.
August, 29, 2017
During Blockchain conference we have met with Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) and ERTICO ITS management
August, 28, 2017
Met Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) at the 'Blockchain - New Oil of Russia' conference in Kazan IT Park.
July, 6, 2017
Big blockchain meetup in Kazan! They took 1st place, as a project going to the ICO.
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